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Me&Gee Moving Tips

  • Rent a UHAUL or POD 

  •  Sometimes it's better to go with the less-expensive option to move. Some full-service moving companies will quote one price but charge another. Watch out for hidden fees when dealing with full-service moving companies. Be sure to ask for all fees before proceeding to move further. 

  • Create a list.

  • Making a list can help organize and save a lot of time during your moving process. List the necessary measures of your move and execute them.

  • Have plenty of supplies

  • Knowing what and how much to have is important so get what you need and plenty of it. 

  • It is important to plan and organize the use of wardrobe boxes when packing for a move.

  • Wardrobe boxes are ideal when it comes to stacking the truck or pod. Utilize all wardrobe boxes even if the hanging bar is not in it. Pack it light enough so anything do not fall from out the bottom of the box.

  • Label boxes

  • Make sure you label boxes. It helps with the move going much quicker which saves money.

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